1st Snowstorm of 2024

This is already our 2nd measurable of the winter season, but if you follow fog days, come end of March, early April there will be plenty of moisture yet to come! Whether that will be in snow or rain, no one knows! But that only seems right for calving season. 

This time around the weatherman was pretty spot on for the inches of snow we were expected to get. Just my observation, I'd say we're looking at about 6-7 inches of snow atleast with nice drifts blocking many roads from the wind. 

Snow on the farm means more work, not sledding fun(even though we sneak a little of that in there too! Cows must be fed, watered, and checked no matter the circumstances of the weather. If that means plowing through the snow drifts with the tractor & loader, then that's how the day will be spent. 

In preparation, hay racks were taken to cows on cornstalks farther away from the farm, some cows were moved to fields with more shelter, electric wells, and closer to home, and pens were all scraped off in order to be able to push snow easier. Snowstorms are never a time to just sit back and wait for it to happen for livestock producers, it's time to prepare in hopes that the weatherman is wrong about the forecast!

So for this time the snow blocked roads, the wind blew & is still blowing, but we could have had it a lot worse! We were atleast prepared and on top of getting feed to the cows that we can't get to quite yet. That will be today's project of plowing roads open to get to our cows! 

Now off I go with the kids to enjoy some snowman making & snowball fights!

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