I, Amanda have been involved in agriculture on a very small scale since I was born. I was active in 4-H raising my own sheep and pigs growing up. I credit my 4-H experience as the main reason I decided to pursue an Animal Science Degree in college. I had big dreams of being a contributor to agriculture, but didn’t know how little old me would ever be able to start my own farm. Josh grew up right in the middle of agriculture his whole life. He helped on the farm from a very young age, and dove head first in when given the chance to buy his first cows to start his own cow herd, back when he was in high school. 

Fast forward quite a few years, and here we are! When getting married, not only does the companion come with, but so does all their cows. So here we are with our own cow calf operation that my husband has been growing from the ground up, years prior to me even being in the picture! 

We are part of a family operation with his family, raising corn, beans, alfalfa, grass hay, cattle, and kids at our home in Nebraska. Raising a family on the farm is one of the most rewarding experiences you can give your kids. There are so many life lessons learned on the farm. I wouldn’t trade those for anything! 

We made the decision to start 2383 Farms, as a way to spread the message about truth and facts of animal agriculture. Show people what we do everyday on our farm, have those hard conversations, and meet so many great customers along the way! This business gives us another way to teach our kids the importance of hard work and going after a dream. We’re able to set a foundation for our children to come back to farm and ranch someday, and grow it into something we’ve dreamed of - continuing on our farm & operation generations down the line!

2383 FARMS

Coming up with the name of our business took a little thought, but once the idea came to us, we knew it was the perfect name!

Nebraska labels counties with numbers, and Nebraska has 93. We call 23 county our home, where we farm and raise our cows during parts of the year. Calving time and summer we utilize our own pasture ground in 83 county. It was the perfect fit that tells our story about how we go between 23 & 83 counties when raising and operating our cow calf herd!


I’m a mother, I’m a farm wife, I’m a business owner, I’m a co-worker, I’m a volunteer, and the list goes on. I have a lot of titles, and a lot of things on my plate. 

I’m a mom to two boys who mean the world to me. I clothe them, I play with them, I read to them, I give them hugs and kisses, I tell them I love them, but yet sometimes I feel like it isn’t enough. 

I find it hard to give them the attention they deserve, when I am stretched thin with the path I’m on, of job after job, and task after task, that has to be done. 

Hi, it’s Amanda, the one who thought other moms needed to know, it’s ok if you’re a busy farm mom. You’re doing a great job mama, keep it up! Life gets busy, life gets overwhelming, and there are always thoughts that creep in of, “am I keeping up” or “am I a good enough mom?” I have had these thoughts from day one of being a mom. Life throws the most wonderful and chaotic things at us mothers, and most days we are so good at rolling with those punches. But I came to a point in motherhood where I was far from rolling with those punches. I was getting punched right in the face, falling down, and not being able to get back up. I know I’m not the only mom that feels this way. Our world, our lives, our schedules have all changed, and as much as we want to slow down, the world just keeps speeding up. 

I created this podcast, and so many resources, discussions, and communities to come, that gives us busy farm moms a place to confide in with our struggles, our questions, our real life experiences, and allow other moms to learn and grow from all of these!

I get started talking about motherhood and watch out, I won’t stop! Motherhood is near and dear to my heart. It’s what I was called to do by God, and I want to strive each day to be the best mom for my kids that I can be. I won’t be perfect, but I try! 

I wanted a place with resources for other moms that feel just like I did. I want to be a place to connect when you don’t have a close friend to chat with, or you need help with this recurring problem. 

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things on this earth, and I want to highlight all the highs, low, and everything in between of what it truly means to be a busy farm mom!


Connecting with other busy moms through important topics, and real life situations

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