Hi, I’m Amanda, the brains, the planner, and the developer of 2383 Farms. I love agriculture, spending time on the farm, and educating others about aspects of what we do on our operation.

I am a wife, mom, crop-insurance agent, bookkeeper, organizer, & oh so many more things! I love spending time with family, gardening, being involved in 4-H, and helping on our farm in any way that I can.

A person behind the scenes that does all the work to make this possible is my husband. Josh is the farmer, the rancher, and the muscles behind this operation!

 We both have a desire to reach so many with the education and products of agriculture that so many need and want, & that is part of how we came up with the idea of selling beef!

2383 FARMS

Coming up with the name of our business took a little thought, but once the idea came to us, we knew it was the perfect name! 

Nebraska has 93 counties and labels counties with numbers. We are able to call 23 county our home, where we farm and raise some of our cows during parts of the year. Calving time and summer we are able to utilize our own pasture ground in 83 county. It was the perfect fit that tells our story about how we go between 23 & 83 county for our cow calf operation!


I, Amanda have been a tiny part of agriculture since I was born. I loved being outside working with the animals we had on our farm. I was very active in 4-H showing pigs & sheep growing up. I credit this to the main reason I decided to get a degree in Animal Science. Josh has a very similar story growing up showing cattle in 4-H and starting his own cow calf herd in high school. 

I had loved agriculture all my life and had always had big dreams of being a contributor to agriculture, but didn’t know how little old me would ever be able to start up my own herd of cows, or raise pigs when all I had was very small numbers of animals growing up.  

Fast forward quite a few years and here we are! When getting married not only does the companion come with it, but so does all their cows. So here we are with our own cow calf operation that my husband has been growing years prior to me even joining the picture! 

We raise corn, beans, alfalfa, grass hay, cattle, and kids at our home in Nebraska. Raising a family on the farm is one of the most rewarding experiences ever. There are so many life lessons learned on the farm and I wouldn’t trade those for anything. This business gives us another way to teach our kids the importance of hard work & going after a dream. We’re able to set a foundation for our children if they want to come back to farm and ranch someday too!