Calving Season is Here!

2383 Farms - Calving Season

It's calving season on our farm, and most farmers have already started or are nearing the start of their calving season as well! Calving season is a time full of hard work, but a rewarding time for every cow calf producer.

This is the time we've waited for to get our calf crop on the ground. It's finally the result of replacement heifers from within our own herd having their first calves, its the result of a long breeding season, and it's the result of taking care of all the heifers and cows the best we know how to to get us to here, calving season. 

With calving season falling during winter time & continuing into "mud" season, also known as spring in Nebraska, there is an urge to watch closely & help when needed to keep all the calves born in the cold or the mud warm & alive. 

We do routine nightly checks during calving time with heifers. Heifers are female cows that have yet to have a calf. Since it is their first time calving, they require assistance sometimes on delivering her calf, or even a little extra help on figuring out how to take care of her calf. That's where we come in at. If we see that she's taking longer to deliver her calf or is not accepting her calf after delivering it, as the farmer we intervene and help to do the best to keep the heifer & her calf healthy & alive. 

It's always a busy time on the farm, but it also means we stay home a little more, help do calving checks as a family, and enjoy the seasons change from winter into spring and watch new life be brought into this world time and time again!  

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