From The Heart!

I started my business with a clear idea of why I was starting it.

We have a farming operation that is a way of life for us. We have a cow calf herd that gives us ample supply to beef. I wanted to show others all about our farm, our family, our operation, and educate that food comes from farms just like ours. 

I love being outside and helping on the farm. I love getting my hands dirty and being a part of what happens on the farm. I also love being able to have our kids be part of our farm. I love having them see all that happens and the knowledge they learn by just being around agriculture from the very beginning. Can we all agree, a little dirt never hurt! 

I was aiming to showcase this side and that was going to miraculously grow my business and let me flourish with some grand business that everyone wanted to buy from. 

As I got into my business all I kept thinking about was hitting that next goal, or making the next step to grow. It was my driving force, and let me tell you if you think that's all you need in a business, you're wrong! 

I had the opportunity to join a business building mastermind with 7 other amazing women, and it flipped a switch. 

I had been so caught up in playing the comparison game. I wanted what this person had with their business, and I wanted it the exact same way as her. Or I started telling myself, "if I just get to this goal, then xyz will be so much better and I'll be happier." WRONG! That's not how life works. 

I was able to get clarity on what truly mattered. What I wanted from this business from the beginning. I just lost sight of what that was. 

So as I move forward I have a clear picture. This is a family business. I wanted to start this business to show my kids the importance of hard work, and a different side of agriculture than what we just have on our farm, the final product! 

I want to be able to be around for them, help on the farm, and be a role model for dreaming big and following your dreams! 

I also want to show them how important it is to stand up for agriculture and educate others on what we do, how we do it, and the importance of all of agriculture. In this profession we get ridiculed so often over everything we do, and until people are open enough to have a conversation or are educated enough, it will never stop. 

I will never stop working hard and putting my all into this business and educating others on what we do. This is a profession, but more importantly this is our life. The way of life we want to raise our kids up in. 

I can't be thankful enough that my eyes were opened and made me realize what I truly wanted again! To be able to tell our story and enjoy living in the moment of what makes our farm and business unique, not chasing after someone else's dream. 

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