The Importance of Incorporating Beef In Our Diets with Hannah Guenther [episode 18]

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Today’s episode is featuring Hannah Guenther, a wife, mom, and Food, Nutrition, and Health Extension Educator. Hannah also resides in Nebraska (not too far from me), and I thought she would be the perfect person to bring on, and share more about the incredible food source that is beef. Hannah’s true passion lies in food and being in the kitchen; she loves the variety of work she gets to do in her current career role, and is fascinated by the ever-changing research in the nutrition and health industries. Both of our lives revolve greatly around beef, and I’m always intrigued to learn more about the nutritional value of what my family and I are eating.

 We’re talking all about the importance of incorporating beef in our diets in today’s episode - the many nutritional benefits we get from consuming beef regularly, why we should aim to eat beef + a variety of other foods regularly, and what it can look like when you choose to give your child beef from a young age. We’re also discussing the hot topic that is protein (specifically, how beef can be a favorable protein source), finding the balance of how we emotionally respond to food vs. the nutrient density and ‘fuel’ food provides us, and more.

 One of Hannah’s goals over the next year is to focus on whole-body wellness, and really, continue educating and sharing about the benefits of the beef industry. She wants people to understand the valuable connection between the beef they’re buying at the store, and the family farms who are supplying them with a quality, nutritious product. If you’ve been curious about beef, and if it’s really something you should be incorporating into your diet regularly, you won’t want to miss all of the goodness shared in this episode!  

 Hannah Guenther is a Food, Nutrition, and Health Extension Educator with Nebraska Extension and the face behind @feedlotsofpeople. Her primary focus with her Extension work revolves around serving rural families with tailored programming efforts to reduce the risk of chronic disease prevention. Key programs that she teaches and leads include Food in the Field, Sleepless in Nebraska, and Healthy Food Fast Using Your Multi-Cooker. Most are only willing to go as far as their own arm for nutrition information, so Hannah decided to use social media to reach a new audience. @feedlotsofpeople is Hannah's living recipe file and she loves sharing kitchen tips, recipes, and life on the feedlot!

 Hannah was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Dallas, Texas but will always call Nebraska home. She is one of three girls and proudly boasts 7 step siblings. She best describes her family as a modern-day Brady Bunch. She resides on the feedlot with her husband, Adam, and their daughter, Charlotte. In her free time, you can always find Hannah out on a run, on her way to Target, FaceTiming, or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

In this episode, The Importance of Incorporating Beef In Our Diets with Hannah Guenther, we cover: 

  • Hannah’s passion for food and nutrition, which ultimately, led to her becoming a Food, Nutrition, and Health Extension Educator
  • The incredible nutritional benefits we can get from consuming beef
  • Why we should be incorporating beef + a variety of foods into our diets
  • Including beef in your child’s diet from a young age
  • Consuming enough protein for your body, goals, etc. + the amount of protein you need to survive on a daily basis
  • Finding the balance of our body’s emotional response to food vs. nutrient density, and the way it fuels our bodies
  • One of Hannah’s favorite, simple beef recipes
  • Understanding how the beef you’re buying at the store is connected to family farms aiming to provide a quality, nutritious product for you
  • Finding excitement through each new stage with your kids + keeping motherhood first, and your work second 

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