Here’s to Introductions & Stocking your Freezer


How we got started? Have you ever had really good ideas, then it comes and goes and you never act on it? Well that’s exactly what I had years prior to now. I always wanted something more than just the same old same old job. Something that was part of agriculture, more than just behind a desk. While I’m still behind a desk serving an important piece of agriculture being a crop insurance agent, I also took a leap forward and now serve agriculture in one more way. When getting married I was gaining a whole different life than I was used to. One where I no longer had to dream about owning a cow herd, but one where I actually owned one, and the loans prove it. I ate up the outside jobs of working calves, feeding, calving season, riding along during field work. I was now a more involved part of agriculture, but there was still something missing. I was going through it enjoying it, but as I sit down at night I see so many people disconnected to agriculture and that hit differently. I had devoted my main interests to agriculture my whole life, (4-H, college degree: animal science, careers, previous jobs) and I wasn’t going to sit back and watch people close to me be so disconnected with what agriculture truly is. So these thoughts of offering something everyone needs to them but yet relate it to agriculture was something that sparked my interest. Making t-shirts would be lots of fun, but that only goes so far because not everyone will wear one that says “farm wife.” So I thought a little more. It finally occurred to me, something we have at our fingertips is beef. Everyone eats, most people need meat of some kind to eat. What better way than to tell our story, share facts about agriculture on our farm, and provide a service to those across the country while doing it.

Here we are a year after the idea sparked, selling our Nebraska, home raised beef, direct to consumer. Our beef is raised from cattle we have raised from birth to processing. Our operation is a cow calf herd. My husband started growing our herd years before I was ever in the picture. We continuously grow our herd every year from replacement heifers we keep back year after year. Since we have grown our herd from within, we know our beef has been in our herd and on our farm generations back. We can guarantee you our cows and calves are grown right here on our farm & ranch that we have worked hard to grow and make a life from. We are so happy to be able to share our experiences, stories, farm life, and most of all our beef with you!