Balancing Calving Season & Motherhood with Natalie Kovarik [episode 15]

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 Today’s episode is with a special guest, Natalie Kovarik, and we’re diving into all things agriculture (more specifically, calving season), and motherhood. From growing up on her family’s ranch to now ranching alongside her husband and family in central Nebraska, Natalie loves to share her journey as an agriculture advocate and social entrepreneur. Natalie never planned to leave her pharmacy career to dive back into ranching. Her path to entrepreneurship was totally an ‘accidental’ thing, but her passion for agriculture and educating others about this incredible space has grown into something she never could have envisioned, and it truly lights her up!

We’re talking all about balancing calving season & motherhood, and the many highs and lows that come during this whirlwind of a season. We’re also discussing what it looks like to experience ranch life and calving season with your kids in tow (and how to get them involved so they feel connected too), providing support to your spouse during long, hectic seasons, the unique, life-changing experiences that can come from raising your family in ag, the inevitable ebbs and flows that come with being both a mom and business owner, and more.

Calving season is by far one of my favorite subjects to talk about; it can be a challenging and stressful time for my household, but it’s also a time for us to slow down, and spend more quality time together as a family (which I’m super grateful for). If you’re in a similar season with ranching, motherhood, business, or anything in between, I know you’ll love all of the incredible wisdom and advice Natalie shares in this episode!

Natalie Kovarik is a western tastemaker and agriculture advocate from the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills, Natalie is a 4th generation cattle rancher turned social entrepreneur who weaves western and urban living to feature agriculture in a unique and alluring fashion. She is the dynamic co-host of the popular podcast Discover Ag and has carved out a niche for herself beyond the digital landscape as a sought-after, vibrant speaker. Alongside her husband Luke, Natalie owns and operates Kovarik Cattle Co, a cow calf operation with a growing registered herd. Through visual storytelling and thought provoking conversations Natalie works to bridge the rural/urban gap while empowering producers to amplify their voices and ensure a resilient agriculture legacy for generations to come.

In this episode about balancing calving season & motherhood, we cover: 

  • Natalie’s ‘accidental’ journey into entrepreneurship using social media and her passion for agriculture
  • The whirlwind of emotions that happen during calving season 
  • The joy and excitement Natalie gets to experience with her kids during calving season
  • One of the biggest struggles Natalie faces as a ranch wife during calving season + how you can provide support for your spouse during this time
  • The importance of involving your kids and spending time together as much as possible during busier seasons
  • More quality time and life-changing experiences as a family + the ability to create more of a flexible schedule when you’re in agriculture
  • Understanding the ebbs and flows that will inevitably come when you’re a mom in business + being intentional about where your priorities are placed
  • Natalie’s passion that is advocating for and sharing her unique perspective of the beef industry
  • The ‘bigger’ situations and struggles that come with parenting older kids/teenagers vs. little kids and babies

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