Giving Yourself The Gift with Kadi from Braided Branch Co [episode 9]

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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Kadi from Braided Branch Co - we’re actually both in Nebraska too, which is pretty neat! Kadi’s social media pages and presence online really brings calmness and joy, and I’ve loved getting to know her in this space. Kadi had a strong desire to start her business (she likes to call it her ‘mini ministry’) so she could connect with and reach other ranch and farm wives. She knows how easy it can be to feel alone when life gets uncertain, but the one thing that IS certain is God, and Kadi is passionate about sharing that with others.

We’re talking more about how your role on your ranch or farm can vary in different seasons of life, the beauty in giving yourself the gift of wellness, the power of habit stacking, being intentional with prayer, and more. This was a beautiful conversation, and Kadi’s authenticity shines through whenever she shares with others - I know you’re going to love this episode!

Kadi Walnofer was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As a little girl she fell in love with the idea of country living and was romanticized by the idea of marrying a cowboy. That dream came true in 2017 when she married a third generation cattle rancher in the Sandhills of Nebraska. But the dream and reality were not everything she expected - she was lost, and lonely. After a miscarriage and a huge calling from the Lord, Kadi is confident in declaring her passion still lives for agriculture and people in ag, but her passion lives more for Christ and where He is found amongst these hardworking, gritty, resilient people. 


Now a mom to three kids. Kadi finds herself busy between mothering, editing the small towns local publication and sharing life through her online ministry Braided Branch Co & of course being a ranch wife. 

In this episode, giving yourself the gift, we cover: 

  • Kadi’s story of starting her ‘mini ministry’, Braided Branch Co, and the incredible things that have happened since doing so
  • What Kadi’s role on her ranch currently looks like + adding value to your operation in different seasons of life  
  • The idea of giving yourself a gift of wellness, and how it can tremendously impact your life for today, and the future
  • The power of habit stacking, and how simple, little things really add up over time
  • The weekly intentional prayer journal that Kadi created for busy moms
  • Why it’s okay to change in multiple areas of your life - especially after motherhood

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