Diving Deep Into Seed Corn Importance In Our Operations with Courtney Sheely [episode 16]

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Today’s episode is with Courtney Sheely, an amazing lady who I’ve been fortunate to know and grow close with during our mastermind journey over the last year. Courtney’s been around farming and agriculture her entire life; she’s a wife and mom to two wonderful little boys, and an independent sales rep for Pioneer Seed in Central Ohio. Courtney and I both work in what feels like such a ‘man’s world’ of agriculture (I sell crop insurance, and Courtney sells seed corn), but we’ve loved seeing more women blaze into, and really THRIVE in, this industry in more recent years!

We’re diving deep into seed corn importance in this episode - more specifically, the variety of seed corn options, and why choosing the right product for your land and your goals is vital. We’re also chatting more about what it’s like to be a female in a very male-dominated industry, the power of owning your expertise and confidence in the field you’re in, finding an uplifting community of other like-minded women who choose to encourage and support you, and more.

Courtney has had some interesting experiences as a woman in the ag industry; she doesn’t want to be perceived as a Barbie stepping foot onto the farm, and she continues to lean into and really embrace her unique role as an independent seed sales rep. Our conversation was a fun one, and I love getting to talk about the sectors of agriculture - being part of an industry as innovative as agriculture is pretty spectacular!

Courtney Sheely grew up in agriculture in Northwest Ohio, and then found her way to Central Ohio with her family. Her husband works in construction and they have two wonderful boys (5 and 2 years old). She’s worked for Pioneer for the past 11 years, and 8 of them have been as her own boss and sales rep. Balancing being her own boss with a thriving Pioneer business, while also being a mom of two boys is one of her biggest challenges. She’s also trying to make a path for herself in a male dominated industry of seed sales.

In this episode, Diving Deep Into Seed Corn Importance In Our Operations with Courtney Sheely, we cover: 

  • Courtney’s story of growing up in ag, and how that led her down the path to becoming an independent sales rep for Pioneer Seed
  • The various seed corn options + why one type of seed corn won’t work for every type of farm land
  • Courtney’s ‘mixed bag’ experience as a female ag industry business owner + owning your expertise and gaining confidence with what you’re doing
  • Finding a core community of like-minded women that will support and lift each other up
  • Letting your kids actually be kids + giving yourself internal grace, especially when you experience feelings of mom guilt

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