Establishing Routines & Structure in Our Homes with Emily Reuschel [episode 2]

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In today’s episode, I have a special guest, Emily Reuschel. Emily shares her background and how her health journey led her to discover the importance of habits and personal development. We chat about using our intuition in motherhood, habits that support our families and ourselves, and overall intentional living. 

Emily Reuschel is a farmer’s wife, mom of three, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, podcast host, and the leader of retreats and masterminds that propel rural women toward their truest, most-aligned goals and priorities. She helps other rural women get clear on what they want, release the inner dialogue that tells them it’s impossible, and go after the goals that are keeping them awake at night …. without giving up the small-town life they love.

In this episode, Establishing Routines & Structure in Our Homes with Emily Reuschel, we cover: 

  • Emily’s YouDoYou82 habit challenge and how it supports various aspects of your life in a customized way 
  • Approaching habits from a place of alignment and progress, not perfection 
  • Including our kids in our goals and showing them what it looks like to take care of ourselves
  • Celebrating what you DID do, not what didn’t get done

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