Let's Dive In & Get To Know Each Other! [episode 1]

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Welcome to the first episode of The Busy Farm Mom podcast! In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing my background in agriculture, my heart behind this podcast, and some of the topics we’ll be covering. I want to help you navigate the overwhelm of being a busy mom and my ultimate goal is to support you in creating a calmer, more fulfilling life. Let's learn from each other, support each other, and most importantly, let's enjoy the ride of motherhood together!

In this episode, Let's Dive In & Get To Know Each Other, we cover: 

  • My motherhood journey of feeling like I was never enough to now feeling proud of the mom I am
  • My background in agriculture and the impact it’s had on my life
  • My journey as a first-time mom and navigating challenges we faced
  • My stance on holistic approaches and homeopathic remedies
  • That this podcast is a safe place of community and encouragement; not judgment or shame 

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Are you always questioning if you’re a good enough mom? Are you confused on what nutritional options are best for your family to be healthy and nourished? Are you burning the candle at both ends and feeling desperate to find ways to take better care of your family & your own wellness?  

Welcome to The Busy Farm Mom! The podcast where we deep dive to answer these questions and so much more! Tune in for conversations with me, your host, Amanda, as we come together in this space to relate to one another & all the facets of being a busy farm mom. 

We will discuss topics such as navigating motherhood, deciphering food choices, holistic wellness, and how agriculture ties into all of it. Think of this podcast as a community for farm moms, to chat about all the decisions we make to care for our families. We are in this together! 

My goal of this podcast is to relate to so many of you when you don’t feel like you’re enough. I want you to walk away feeling equipped, confident, and joyful about your role as a busy farm mom so that you can thrive, and therefore, your family can thrive, too. 

We can gather around as friends in this space, while being in our most chaotic stages of life, whether you’re chasing your toddler, preparing endless amounts of meals for your family, driving to work, or running the grain cart. This space is an opportunity to grow and learn simple tips from me & so many special guests on ways we tackle that doubt of “are we a good enough mom?” Kick that thought out of your mind and come join our judgment free zone, where we will never question that you’re doing a great job mama!


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