Growing Your Business & Balancing Motherhood with Aly Robins [episode 22]

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Today’s episode features Aly Robins, a business and marketing coach for agriculture and rural businesses, as well as the CEO of Snowy Mountain Marketing, a website development company. Aly loves helping her clients establish a solid foundation so they can grow their businesses, and make a life-changing income that truly supports them and their families. She’s passionate about the work she does with her clients; so much of this stems back to personal development and mindset growth, which has all played a huge part in her own story. Aly started on the path of entrepreneurship in 2019; after having her first child a few years later, she found herself needing to get more support and set better boundaries along the way, so her life didn’t feel super chaotic and all over the place.

We’re talking about growing your business & balancing motherhood, and why there isn’t necessarily a ‘balance’ between the two, but instead, how you can create more fulfillment in both of these roles. When it comes to starting your business, it’s important that you actually treat it like a business and prioritize it as such, instead of viewing it as a random side hobby that no one knows about. Aly and I are discussing key mindset shifts that you have to work through as an entrepreneur, getting crystal clear on WHY you’ve started your business, the challenges that come with digging into your personal money mindset/story (because this impacts way more than you may think), and more.

Entrepreneurship and motherhood both bring a unique set of challenges; it’s all too common to feel like you’re pulled in multiple directions as a business owner and mom (and all of the other hats you wear). It’s definitely not easy to ‘shut your brain off’ when it’s time to be done with work, and be fully present with your family. Starting (and growing) your business while balancing motherhood shouldn’t feel like an impossible feat though; it’s totally okay to lean on others and ask for help where you truly need it, even if it feels difficult at first. I hope this episode reminds you that you CAN show up as the peaceful and fulfilled version you want to be for your loved ones, regardless of what’s happening in your business! 

Aly Robins is a business and marketing coach for agriculture and rural businesses as well as the CEO of Snowy Mountain Marketing (a website development company). She grew up on a ranch in Montana, and has always been involved in agriculture. After feeling unfulfilled in her 9-5 job, she decided to take her business full time. After many ups and downs in her own business, she is so excited to be able to help others set up their business for sustainable growth while living the life they want. Aly believes anything is possible, as long as you have a growth mindset and a group of people supporting you.

In this episode, Growing Your Business & Balancing Motherhood with Aly Robins, we cover:

  • Aly’s journey of pursuing the path of entrepreneurship + learning to ask for support and set better boundaries in motherhood
  • Taking your business seriously by making it an actual priority, and letting those around you know that it is
  • The significant mindset shift that comes with being an entrepreneur + why this is something you can NOT skip if you want to be successful
  • Getting crystal clear on both your personal ‘why’ and business ‘why’ so you can continue making progress, even when things feels challenging
  • The importance of confronting your money mindset + gaining clarity on why you want to make more money, and focusing on how you can expand in order to do so
  • Practical tips for starting your business without going into a ton of debt
  • The never-ending entrepreneurial struggle of trying to ‘shut your brain off’ so you can focus on being fully present with your family
  • Why asking for help in motherhood allows you to get support where you really need it and show up as the best possible version of yourself for your kids

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