We Can Work Outside the Home & Still Be Great Moms with Megan Pippitt [episode 21]

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Today’s episode features Megan Pippitt, a fellow farm wife and mom in Nebraska, lover of a lox-tox lifestyle, and (more recently), a sourdough enthusiast. Megan Pippitt is a working farm mom attempting to find a little balance. She does her best to manage her time efficiently so she can maximize time with her family. Megan has really enjoyed building a community with other farm/rural wives and moms on social media; you can find her regularly sharing her favorite recipes, discount codes, advice, and more on her platform! Megan and I both work outside of the home too; the whole ‘working mom’ narrative definitely comes with its own perks and drawbacks. I was excited to chat with her more about what that ‘happy medium’ with motherhood and a career outside of the home looks like for her and her family.

We’re talking about why we can work outside the home & still be great moms in this episode. The term ‘balance’ (especially work-life balance) is often used in our society, but honestly.. there’s no ‘perfect balance’ when it comes to motherhood and work (or really anything else for that matter)! Megan and I are discussing challenges that often arise for moms who work outside the home, the VERY real feeling of ‘mom guilt’ that so many moms struggle with, turning to prayer and intentionally seeking God, the extra stability that comes with working outside the home as a farm wife and mom, and more.

It can be soo easy to fall into the trap of thinking we’re failing our husband and kids if we work outside the home - society definitely loves to layer on the guilt here, and make us think we’re not serving our families well. While farm and ag life is pretty incredible, it’s also very uncertain; we have to decide what’s best for our unique families and farming operations, regardless of what those around us may think. At the end of the day, we CAN work outside the home and still be great moms, so I hope this episode both encouraged you, and reminded you of that!

In this episode, We Can Work Outside the Home & Still Be Great Moms with Megan Pippitt, we cover:

  • Finding your ‘happy medium’ with motherhood and working outside the home
  • Navigating challenges that arise for moms who work outside the home
  • The very real feeling of ‘mom guilt’ that plagues many moms who work outside the home + turning to prayer and seeking God when you’re struggling with this
  • Providing an extra layer of stability by working outside the home as a farm wife & mom
  • Handling busy seasons as a mom who works outside the home
  • Megan’s journey with sourdough so far + why it’s been a fun learning experience for her
  • The importance of understanding you don’t need to ‘do’ motherhood alone and can ask for help + not going to the internet for all of the Mom advice, tips, etc. 

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