Motherhood Through Loss: Part 1 with Kaitlin Cox [episode 12]

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Today’s episode is going to be covering a very deep (and not always easy) topic, but it’s one that I knew I wanted to share on my podcast too. I’m honored to have Kaitlin Cox here to talk more about her motherhood journey, and more specifically, the journey of loss. Kaitlin is a beautiful individual who embraces the many roles in her life, and she’s also experienced her fair share of heartache along the way. Kaitlin now has her own podcast, Emerging As Me, where she shares her voice to uplift and empower women through life’s many challenges.

We’re talking more about Kaitlin’s journey into motherhood, and what motherhood through loss has looked like for her. From dealing with a miscarriage and a PCOS diagnosis, to the tragic loss of her baby toward the end of her pregnancy, Kaitlin’s path to motherhood has been anything but smooth. Through all of it, she’s learned that turning to God for strength and comfort is vital, and she chooses to see the positive in every situation (even when it seems impossible to find). Being in community and having authentic conversations with others who have experienced something similar has also proved invaluable for Kaitlin.

I truly appreciated Kaitlin coming on and sharing her story, because she is giving light and hope to others with her message. Experiencing the devastating loss of a child can leave you feeling isolated, but you should know that you’re NEVER alone on your motherhood journey. Choosing to show yourself kindness and celebrate your wins along the way is incredibly important - I know this episode is going to remind you of that, and so much more!

Kaitlin Cox is a multifaceted individual whose life weaves through the landscapes of rural living, the heart of a bustling home, and the creativity of a hairstylist's studio. With a warm heart and a hands-on approach to life, Kaitlin embraces the roles of a farm wife, devoted mother to her energetic boys, passionate hairstylist & educator, & the voice behind her podcast, Emerging as Me.

In this episode, motherhood through loss (part 1) with Kaitlin Cox, we cover: 

  • Kaitlin’s first miscarriage, which ultimately led to her receiving a PCOS diagnosis
  • Kaitlin’s second pregnancy, and the heartbreaking experience that transpired with her second baby
  • The emotional rawness and complete uncertainty that comes after experiencing a loss
  • Leaning into God/your faith during hard seasons in life, and understanding that you’re not meant to know the reasoning behind everything while here on Earth
  • Finding patience and contentment after loss + looking for the ‘good’ in every situation, even when it seems impossible at first
  • How valuable finding community and talking with others who have experienced a loss can be
  • Why you should never feel like you need to minimize your pain or downplay the loss of your child
  • Being kind to yourself and celebrating your wins throughout motherhood (no matter how big or small)

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