Digging Deeper Into Our Mom Faith with Kayla Josefiak [episode 5]

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 When I think of motherhood, I think of chaos, overwhelm, and always too much going on. It can be very stressful, and it’s easy to feel like we have nowhere to turn when things get tough. If you’ve ever felt this way, you are so not alone my friend! 

In today’s episode, I’m talking with an amazing guest, Kayla Josefiak, all about creating a relationship with Jesus when we’re in the season of motherhood. Kayla and I believe that God calls us to motherhood, and while it’s not easy, building a strong foundation for our faith can help us better navigate this journey. We’re talking about exploring our faith during life-altering moments, bringing faith into our everyday lives as we’re raising families, the power of ‘messy’ prayer when we’re feeling anxious, finding joy in the little, everyday things, and more. This is a very real and beautiful conversation about digging deeper into our mom faith, and I know it’s one you’re going to love!

Kayla Josefiak was born and raised in agriculture. She's a rancher's daughter turned farmer's wife. Her family has raised purebred cattle for years and her husband's family row crop farms along with running a herd of commercial Angus cattle. People in agriculture are some of the best people in this world and Kayla wouldn't be where she is today without that community.   

After getting the coveted college degree and trying her hand at teaching for a few years, her husband Ty and Kayla decided she would stay home with her babies and live that farm wife life, which she absolutely loves!

She's battled mental health for most of her life—her official diagnosis came at 13 and 22, but she remembers being anxious when she was as young as 6. 

Kayla is an (almost) Christian Mental Health & Life Coach who is obtaining her certification from the Health Coach Institute. Health and Wellness have always been incredibly important to Kayla. Her daily workouts along with fueling her body properly has made past physical and mental health issues alleviate themselves. It's been a journey that she absolutely adores and loves to share with her clients!

God put life coaching on Kayla's heart a long time ago and she feels called to share how your decision to wake up every day enjoying your life and your surroundings is a choice. Simply put: life can be as good or as bad as you make it; it all starts with our relationship with God, and our relationship with ourselves.

In this episode, digging deeper into our mom faith, we cover: 

  • Kayla’s story of growing up in agriculture and sports, and her battle with mental health issues from a young age
  • Pivotal moments in Kayla’s life that led her to really dive into and start exploring her faith more after becoming a mom
  • The practice of bringing faith into your everyday life and incorporating it with your family
  • Relying on your faith and truly trusting God when you’re part of a farm marriage and family
  • How Kayla is currently supporting women with their faith and wellness + her decision to pursue certification as a health and life coach
  • Finding joy right where you are instead of comparing to others on social media
  • Choosing to give yourself grace (and actually receive it from God) in motherhood

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