Taking Health Into My Own Hands [episode 23]

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It’s been a little while, but today’s episode is going to be a solo episode, because I want to give you a bit of a life update! I’m actually going to be taking a break from the podcast (for now), and really focusing on spending quality time with my kids and family. I’ve also had quite the health journey over the last year and a half, and I’ve felt called to share what that has looked like. It’s honestly been more than I could have ever imagined, and there’s still so much I’m learning and working through.

I’m talking about taking health into my own hands, and really, what my health has looked like throughout different seasons in my life. From multiple health issues as a child and debilitating GI symptoms as a college student, to unexpected (and very different) pregnancies, I was ready to finally dig into my health and well-being, and basically ‘clear’ my body of the trauma it was tightly holding onto. I also chose to pursue the functional medicine route (which has allowed me to get to the root cause of soooo many things), and along with incorporating practices like energy work and EMDR therapy, everything that has come up for me has been very eye-opening. I’m also discussing how impactful rest and ‘slowing up’ has been for me, several healthier habits I’ve established for myself and my family, and more.

Taking my health into my own hands has been quite the journey, and it’s given me so much clarity along the way. I know my journey is far from over, but I’m incredibly grateful for this life-changing experience, and the true healing I’ve been able to undergo. I finally feel like my body is getting what it actually needs to heal and thrive; I’m more in tune with my health and wellness than ever before, and I’m able to fully show up as the Mom I want to be for my kids. I hope my story encourages you in some way, and empowers you to take control of your health, and ultimately, your life. Thank you for being here - I can’t wait to be back with you in the future!! 

In this episode, Taking Health Into My Own Hands, I cover:

  • What my health was like growing up + the debilitating stomach issues I experienced in college, and what that led to
  • My 2 very different pregnancy experiences + what it looked like as I began navigating postpartum life as a Mom of 2
  • The work that I did to start healing and ‘clearing’ trauma out of my body + the unexpected repercussions that happened as a result
  • Why I chose to pursue the functional medicine route + everything that has unfolded for me along the way
  • My decision to start energy work and EMDR therapy earlier this year
  • What my most recent/updated blood work was like + how differently I’ve handled some unexpected and stressful situations in my life since being intentional with my health
  • How prioritizing rest and truly ‘slowing up’ has not only benefited me, but my family as well
  • Several ‘healthier’ habits that I’ve been implementing for myself and my family
  • The life-changing growth and healing I’ve experienced on my journey so far, while also knowing that I’ll never be completely ‘done’ either
  • How I’ve become more in tune with my body + my kids and their needs, and why it’s necessary for me to take a break from podcasting for now
  • Why you absolutely do NOT need to be wasting your time on social media, especially if it feels draining and is taking precious time away from your family

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