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Have you had the experience of going to your doctor when you’re not feeling well, and you know something isn’t quite right, but...they just brush off your feelings and tell you this is most likely your new ‘normal’? Unfortunately, this was my experience..until I connected with Dr. Brittany Mayer, who’s the incredible guest in today’s episode! 

I’ve been working with Dr. Mayer for the last nine months now (at the time of this recording) - I can’t even tell you how much progress I’ve made, and how much better I’ve felt since working with her! Dr. Mayer is a mom and nurse practitioner who loves all things holistic health, natural living, and fitness. After experiencing so much sickness as a child, and still feeling painfully unwell as a young adult, she dug into her frustrating health issues, and was able to finally find healing. After starting her own practice in the functional medicine space, she now helps her patients get to the ROOT cause of what’s going on with their bodies and health, instead of using a temporary band-aid solution. 

We’re diving into what functional medicine and integrative health really is, why it’s vital to understand and optimize your body’s foundation as much as possible, what the process looks like if you’re just starting to explore functional medicine testing and treatment, parasite cleanses, and more. We even discuss how it can look to learn about and better support your children and their health (especially if they’re often sick, not eating a very nutrient-dense diet, etc.). 

Dr. Mayer takes into consideration the ‘whole picture’ with her patients; she’s passionate about supporting them every step of the way, because she knows how frustrating it can be to feel sick and exhausted. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed if you’re considering functional medicine, but that shouldn’t keep you from pursuing this path. There really are SO many options and ways to find healing, and this episode is filled with knowledge and expert advice to help you get started, wherever you are!

Dr. Brittany Mayer, DNP, FNP-BC is a compassionate healthcare professional dedicated to the art and science of healing. A proud graduate of the University of Nebraska Medicine with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, Dr. Mayer brings a wealth of experience from diverse medical fields including NICU, Emergency Medicine, Labor and Delivery, Women’s Health, and Functional Medicine. Driven by a passion for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Mayer is committed to delivering holistic care that addresses the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. She holds certifications in Autonomic Response Testing 1, 2, & 3, Neural Therapy through Dr. Klinghardt, Peptide 1 and II, Fertility Certification, and Weight Management through A4m. Drawing on her expertise as a mobile IV clinic nurse, she possesses in-depth knowledge of IV therapy and injections. Always at the forefront of her field, Dr. Mayer continuously seeks new insights in integrative medicine, ensuring that she remains well-equipped to serve her patients. When she is not in the clinic she enjoys her beautiful family and anything and everything Fitness.

In this episode about functional medicine, we cover: 

  • Dr. Mayer’s story of navigating her own health concerns that stemmed from childhood, and how she eventually ventured into the functional medicine space
  • What functional medicine/integrative health really is and why it’s important to optimize your body’s ‘foundation’ as much as possible
  • The types of services Dr. Mayer offers patients in her practice + the initial evaluation process for someone beginning their functional medicine journey
  • How it looks to work with patients virtually, compared to in person
  • The best advice for someone who IS ready to start on their healing journey and pursue functional medicine, but they’re unsure of where to start
  • How looking at the ‘whole picture’ and digging deep into your health concerns will dramatically help you going forward
  • What a parasite cleanse REALLY is + what may be happening within your body if you’re infected with a parasite
  • Testing to learn more about and better support your kids’ immune systems and overall health
  • The importance of prioritizing ‘you’ time as a mom + understanding you really ARE doing a great job as a mom

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