Meal Planning with Kayla Zenner [episode 17]

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Today’s episode is featuring Kayla Zenner, a mom, farm wife, fantastic cook, and creator of the Farmstyle. Kayla is passionate about giving moms the confidence to get in the kitchen, and create simple and delicious meals the whole family will love! Kayla comes from a background in education (previously a high school math teacher); after having her second baby and getting to enjoy an extended maternity leave, she knew she was ready for a career change. Kayla also realized she really LOVED cooking, especially when she had more time to be present in her home. She began sharing her weekly meal plans with her community, and after getting such a positive response from doing so (and seeing a huge need that moms and families needed support with), the Farmstyle was born.

We’re talking all about meal planning in today’s episode - simple tips and tricks to help you with the meal planning process, what a typical grocery shopping schedule can look like, freezing meals (especially if it’s a meal you love and want to make sure you have extra for another time), and how ‘themed’ nights can add more excitement to your meals each week. We’re also chatting more about Kayla’s new meal plan subscription option (which I’m a huge fan of), and why flexibility with your meals and meal plan is super important.

Kayla is such a joy to follow online, and her passion for teaching busy moms about cooking and meal planning absolutely shines through. I know cooking and making meals day in and day out can be something we dread as moms, and it’s not something we think we can stick with for long. Fortunately though, with incredible tips and knowledge from someone like Kayla, meal planning CAN be something we enjoy doing, and actually stay consistent with!

Kayla Zenner is the face behind The Farmstyle. She shares easy, family-friendly meals with a sprinkle of their ​life on a farm in Idaho. She lives on a generational farm ​raising row crops, beef cattle, and kids.

In this episode, Meal Planning with Kayla Zenner, we cover: 

  • Kayla’s journey from being a high school math teacher to eventually, creating the Farmstyle + her new meal plan subscription option
  • Simple tips and tricks that help with meal planning
  • Having flexibility with your meals during the week if your plans change, if you and your family want something different, etc.
  • Kayla’s grocery shopping schedule + freezing meals in preparation for a busier season or for times when cooking is the last thing you want to do
  • Keeping it SUPER simple when you’re beginning with meal planning + using ‘themed’ nights for meals each week
  • Kayla’s favorite/most-used crockpot recipe for her and her family
  • Not stressing out about your babies’ and kids’ sleep schedules and how much they’re sleeping

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