Get Healthy With Gut Health with Michala Petersen [episode 6]

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In today’s episode, I’m talking with another fun guest, Michala Petersen. I first connected with Michala through one of her sourdough workshops, and I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to have here on the podcast! Not only was I in awe of sourdough after her workshop, but I was also in awe of her energy, and the incredible work she is doing within her family and community. We’re talking all about gut health and simple ways you can start improving your gut health, getting started with sourdough and the endless recipes you can make with it, the amazing benefits of Juice Plus+, and more. 

Michala has a true passion for helping others become healthier from the inside out, and she is doing big things in the world. I know you’re going to love all of the knowledge and energy she has to share with you today!

Michala Petersen is a feisty pharmacist from Minden, NE. She grew up working in her dad’s funeral home, and has always had a fond love for serving others. She wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, so after graduating from University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy in 2006, she thought that being a community pharmacist was her calling. Michala was introduced to Juice Plus+ in August of 2014 and quickly realized the impact she could have as a prevention medicine ambassador. Michala became a National Marketing Director with the Juice Plus+ Company in January of 2016, and she’s now enjoying being a full time homeschooling Juice Plus+ Mama!  She and her husband, Mark, live on a ranch with their 4 crazy kiddos (ages 15, 13, 11, and 9), so life is never dull. In her spare time, Michala enjoys spending time with friends and family, checking cattle, spending time at the lake, teaching sourdough workshops, and inspiring healthy living in any way to avoid laundry folding!

In this episode, get healthy with gut health, we cover: 

  • Michala’s story of changing career paths that allowed her more quality time with her family + her introduction to sourdough
  • What gut health really is + how you can start improving your gut health
  • Getting started with sourdough (and why it’s easier than you may think)
  • The Pure Hope Foundation, and why Michala is passionate about the work this organization is doing 
  • The incredible benefits of Juice Plus+ and how Michala incorporates it into her and her family’s daily life
  • Knowing that God’s ability to redeem your kids far outweighs any mistakes you make when you’re raising them

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