New Year New Me - But Take It Up A Step [episode 11]

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We’ve all heard the saying ‘new year, new me’, and this couldn’t be truer for me as we’re now in 2024! The year of 2023 was honestly a major struggle for me - I started the year planning and creating so many expectations for myself in multiple areas of my life. I quickly realized, there was no way I could do ALL the things, and I was setting myself up to fail miserably.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about my personal growth journey, and how that’s really impacted all areas of my life - my family life, my health, and my business. From digging deeper into my health and wellness and my involvement in masterminds, to learning I need to set boundaries and not fill up every spare moment I have, 2023 was a life-changing more ways than one. I feel like I’ve finally learned that I don’t HAVE to do it all, nor do I want to. I also now know that the word ‘busy’ doesn’t have to mean something negative - it’s more about how I’m choosing to do things differently for myself, and my family, moving forward. 

I know my 2024 will be lived a LOT slower than previous years, and I’m really looking forward to that. I hope this episode brings you some encouragement and a fresh perspective for the year ahead, too!

In this episode, New Year New Me - But Take It Up A Step, we cover: 

  • Digging deeper into my health in 2023 by working with a functional medicine practitioner, and what happened as a result  
  • My involvement in masterminds in 2023 + the big realizations that came from those
  • Choosing to be very intentional with your time and setting boundaries, instead of filling up your calendars every month of the year
  • My decision to do a parasite cleanse, vitamin C infusions, and more + the dramatic results I’ve already noticed with my overall health
  • Changing the way we think of the word ‘busy’, and how this relates to the name of my podcast
  • My reflections on 2023 + how I want to look and feel in 2024, and beyond
  • The power in surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are pursuing similar goals, and also, encouraging you to keep going

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