Taking Care of Ourselves as Moms Prenatal & Postpartum with Miranda from SHE Fitness [episode 10]

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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Miranda from SHE Fitness. Miranda and I are intertwined through agriculture (I love how agriculture seems to be tied to everything in some way or another), and we’re both moms to young kids. I was excited to have Miranda on to dig into something we’re both very passionate about - taking care of ourselves as moms. Miranda has been in the health and fitness space as a Certified Personal Trainer for a while now. After seeing a gap in the information and resources that are readily available to women during pregnancy and postpartum though, she made the decision to start her own business, and support women during this very crucial (and often overlooked) time.

We’re talking more about why it’s vital for women to care for and prioritize their health in the prenatal and postpartum periods, practical ways you can actually prepare your body for childbirth, how to focus on a postpartum period that is restful and healing for YOU, and more. 

Taking care of ourselves as moms is absolutely necessary; the benefits will not only positively impact our health and well-being, but it will overflow to the rest of our loved ones too. No matter the season of life you’re in, choosing to prioritize your health is something you’ll never regret; I hope this episode encourages and reminds you of that!

Miranda is a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre to Postpartum Core Exercise Specialist, wife of a cattle farmer, and mother of a 14 month old. She mainly works with Pre-Postpartum women to help them "get their body back", and feel confident in themselves after this beautiful, yet challenging stage of life. Miranda also wants to help change the narrative of the "typical mom bod" and tell women that even though your body changes, you are not "stuck." You can be the best version of yourself (even as a mom), and she wants to help get you there! From urinary leaking, to pain with sex, low back pain, decreased energy, blood sugar issues, weight gain, and more, she can help and encourage you to a healthy and active lifestyle! Sometimes, you just need someone cheering you on and believing in you...Miranda is that kind of coach!

In this episode, taking care of ourselves as moms prenatal & postpartum, we cover: 

  • Miranda’s decision to start her own business after being in the health and fitness space for several years
  • The importance of women taking care of themselves and prioritizing their health before, during & after pregnancy + the benefits of doing so
  • One of the best (and simplest) things you can learn to do now before even becoming pregnant
  • What you can do during pregnancy to really help prepare you for childbirth
  • Things you can focus on to have a more restful and healing postpartum experience + what to keep in mind after your 6 week postpartum check-up
  • Giving yourself grace when it comes to taking care of yourself and your health, while still being present for your family
  • The very real struggle that is ‘mom guilt’ when you’re trying to balance your family, work, and more 

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